• Katya Kudashkina
    Katya KudashkinaFounder & CEO

    Katya‘s vision for creating a new future for agriculture grew from her background in agriculture, science, and business. She was raised on a farm and founded UDIO after completing degrees in computer science and business. Katya loves watching the trees grow.

  • Cong Wang
      Cong WangDeveloper

      Cong has been developing and managing web products for several years. He brings extensive background in web and mobile software development, knowledge of modern development frameworks, as well as a broad understanding of in modern Computer Sciences topics including machine learning.

    • Danica Kwong
        Danica KwongBusiness Development

        Danica brings her expertise in economic analysis and social science to provide contextual interpretation to business analyses. She deals with daily operations and supports the team in numerous ways.

      • Lisa Plaseski
          Lisa PlaseskiDeveloper

          Lisa is a full-stack developer with agricultural roots in rural Manitoba, Canada. She understands the needs of UDIO’s end users, growers, and has a deep passion for creating intuitive applications and accessible big data insights.

        • Noam Rabinovich
            Noam RabinovichDeveloper

            Noam has been writing software professionally for a few years, focusing primarily on building robust back-end services. He enjoys developing simple, creative solutions, math and science, reading very old books, and brewing kombucha.

          • Tomas Tokar
              Tomas TokarData Scientist
              In the past Tomas has worked with the data for statistical and econometric analysis of large foreign exchange time series,  and development, optimization of the trading strategies. 
              Tomas has Ph.D. in Biophysics,  Master’s Degree in Biophysics and BA in Physics.

            Business Advisor – Dr. Ajay Agrawal
            Dr. Agrawal is the Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto.  He is a founder of the Creative Destruction Lab and has coached many technology-based startups.

            Crop Advisor – David Doll
            David Doll is a nut crop pomology farm advisor.  David serves almond, pistachio, and walnut growers by applying state-of-the-art evidence-based knowledge as well as conducting on-farm research to address immediate and long term issues.

            Machine Learning and Data Science – Igor Jurisica

            Igor Jurisica is a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Integrative Cancer Informatics, Senior Scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Professor at the University of Toronto, and a Visiting Scientist at IBM CAS. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Computing, Pathology, and Molecular Medicine at Queen’s University, in Computer Science at York University, and an Honorary Professor at Shanghai JiaoTong University. His research focuses on integrative computational biology and the representation, analysis, and visualization of high-dimensional data to identify prognostic and predictive signatures, drug mechanism of action, and in-silico repurposing of drugs. His interests include prediction and analysis of protein interactions networks, modeling signaling cascades, and high-throughput protein crystallography. He has published extensively on data mining, visualization, and cancer informatics, including multiple papers in Science, Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, and J Clinical Oncology; he has had over 8,325 citations since 2010. He has been included in Thomson Reuters 2014 list of Highly Cited Researchers and The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.