Water Intelligence™

In a time of climate change and a growing population, UDIO uses data science and machine-learning technology to capture and analyze massive amounts of data. Our user-friendly software then transforms it all into simple, actionable field-level intelligence that growers can use to make better data-driven decisions.

Irrigation Recommendations

Smart irrigation schedule that advises how much and when to irrigate, keeping the water profile and reducing leaching.

Tracking Applied Water

Know how much water was applied to every field. Tracks by surface or ground water per field or block.

Secure & Confidential Data

Data is stored on secured servers. Private and confidential.

Time-Saving Management Tools

Save time on schedule calculation and managing your irrigators. Assign fields to your irrigators and set reminders for yourself.

Interested in a trial?

For trial, demo or questions, please contact us and we will be happy to find the best way to help you.

Free water tracking

If you are interested to keep track of your water, this feature is free for any grower. Please contact us and we will help to set up your fields.

Louie Ott,

General Manager at Joseph Gallo Farms

“With water being farming’s most important resource and input, UDIO helps farmers use water to its fullest advantage in order to maintain tree health and yield.”

Tony Turkovich,

Owner at Button & Turkovich Farm

“UDIO saves significant amount of time as we will directly enter data to the data base as we record it in the field. The data recorded will allow us to monitor the amount of water applied against the crop evapotranspiration (ET) needs. It will also allow us to more closely and timely monitor the proper functioning of the irrigation system.”

Gerrit Dorrepaal,

Owner at Dorrepaal Farms

“UDIO provides the ability to efficiently capture real time irrigation (and soon fertilization and other tasks) information so we can make informed decisions without spending hours entering data into spreadsheets”